Why choose Muong Thanh Nha Trang apartment to resort in the city of Bien?

Nha Trang Bay is one of the most beautiful bays in Vietnam with fine white sand, clear blue sea and green coconut groves. You will enjoy a wonderful summer with your family and friends at the wonderful Muong Thanh Nha Trang apartment.

Muong Thanh Nha Trang apartment is a combination of hotels and apartments in Nha Trang. With convenient geographical location, located on Tran Phu street, the most beautiful Nha Trang. Muong Thanh apartment is about 0.2m from the city center, about 35km from Cam Ranh International Airport, 2/4 away from the square and the Vietnam sailing center.
You can enjoy the vacation by traveling in Nha Trang, visiting famous tourist sites and using the best services.
The highlights of Muong Thanh Nha Trang apartment that you should choose here as a resort
Muong Thanh Nha Trang is a 5-star hotel - hotel. We ensure the safety and comfort, to meet the high-end needs of customers.
The infrastructure
Muong Thanh Hotel opened on 18.11.2018 scale 650 rooms, 4 conference rooms with many advanced facilities such as gym, swimming pool, bar, massage, karaoke and modern equipment system. The building is specially designed. Looking outside, you can see that the building is covered with glass with open space. With this special, you can watch the sunrise in the early morning, soak up the cool air of the sea breeze, see the beautiful landscapes on Nha Trang Bay.
Above all, Muong Thanh Beachfront Nha Trang apartments are also equipped with convenient interior equipment such as televisions, air-conditioners, refrigerators, microwaves, safety deposit boxes, 100% of sea-view apartments ... and other personal devices such as hair dryers, bathtubs, showers ... Each room will have a separate wifi / Internet device for you to use quickly and conveniently.
When coming to a strange city, safety is a matter of first priority. Security department operates 24 hours a day. The apartment has a convenient area for cars and motorbikes, a safe fire system.
When customers need help, please contact the staff for instructions and solve the problems you encounter. In addition, Muong Thanh also has an ATM machine in place so you can feel secure.
Services at Muong Thanh apartment
The services of Muong Thanh apartments are diversified and plentiful and can meet the needs of customers. Services include:
Travel services
Shuttle service
Laundry Service
Ticket service, ticket booking
In addition, Muong Thanh apartment also has other entertainment methods for adults and children such as gym, children's play area, outdoor pool, sauna, massage service, spa.
Other services
In addition to the catering service for entertainment and rest, Muong Thanh Nha Trang apartments also have floors with different service functions: meeting services, souvenir shops, food court ...
Service attitude of staff
Staff at Muong Thanh apartment from security personnel to receptionists and waiters are very well trained.
Staff always keep a happy attitude, enthusiastic, support you best. When you arrive at the hotel, you will receive a happy welcome and have a concierge to assist you. The receptionist will do check-in and check-out procedures quickly. You will have someone in charge of cleaning the room every day.
If you want to visit many places in Nha Trang Bay, please contact the reception staff to recommend you tours and help you register good and quality tours.
Nha Trang Beachfront Apartment is a unit specializing in providing rental services of Muong Thanh apartments in Nha Trang , with full facilities, ideal space and privacy. Nha Trang Beachfront Apartment will give you the feeling of relaxation and relaxation during vacations, business trips, or simply short weekends in the coastal city of Nha Trang. Please come to us to enjoy the wonderful moments in life